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By September of '78 we were already headlining a Sunday night at Max's. Bill and I both started attending NYU as freshmen. One day between an Erasers soundcheck and our opening set for them, we all took a long ride on the LIE out to Massapequa to see my prom date, Ellen Kinnally's older brother Ken and his band rehearse.

There was a lot of traffic and we had the Erasers' instruments in the trunk of our car, so we were pulling onto the median and the shoulder to pass people. When we got out there, the band was playing in a basement with egg cartons taped all over the walls to absorb the sound. They were pretty tight and kind of moody...Ken sang like he had already taken his own life...and they had songs like Industrial Nancy and Going Nowhere Very Fast. But the guitar player was amazing. He would veer from classical to rock to soul to rockabilly and then off into his own world.

They were also teenagers, but they were much more musically skilled than we were.
They were the Bloodless Pharaohs, and the guitar player was Brian Setzer.
We immediately promised them an opening spot on our next headlining gig...then we hauled our asses back to the city just in time to play our set.