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The Student Teachers

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TR3 was one of the first clubs other than Max's and CBGB to host bands fromm the downtown scene. It was actually a little restaurant and the stage wasn't even raised off the floor. You just played right there on the same level as the audience. It was kind of anarchic. We used one of the photos fromm our session with Joe Stevens, the legend who had documented and befriended the Sex Pistols. We like him and he liked us. We ended up using a picture from that session for the cover of our first single.

For the gig I took a raincoat of my mother's and stepped into the sleeves, then taped the hood up over my crotch and the back up over my ass. It looked like something Revenge might have made, and it made me sweat as much as their vinyl stuff did...including the blue vinyl jacket I'm wearing in the picture. The opening act included Joe Katz, who would soon join our band. You never knew where you were going to find a new friend. Joe had pretty much saved my life when Nick Berlin of the Blessed accidentally slashed my chest open with a broken wine glass at CBGB during a Teenage Jesus and the Jerks show.

Joe drove me to the ER, telling me not to bleed on his upholstery, while I held the two sides of my split open flesh together with my hands. I ended up getting 38 stitches and pressing no charges. I naively thought of Nick as my boyfriend at the time because we slept in the same bed and I had a crush on him. Ah teenage exuberance and ignorance. How well they went together! Later on when Lydia Lunch heard about what happened she hit me and scolded me for not getting up on stage to show everyone my sliced open bleeding chest. Oh that Lydia.