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The Student Teachers


We finally decided to try to record ourselves the way we heard our own music. Jimmy had done his pop production, and the guys from Squeeze weren't going to produce us unless we auditioned 1000 drummers or something like that...so we produced ourselves. In order to do so we needed the objective ears of someone who had been as close to us as anyone, and who's musical taste was in tune with our own, and that was our roadie Antony (pronounced Antone). DeSantis. Antony, like Jody our Manager, and Robert, his right hand man, was always there for us, and for that we were very grateful. So we appointed him producer and recorded four of our current favorites in August and had barely mixed it when the band came to an end at CBGB a year after our Palladium gig opening for Iggy.

That allowed us to give it a name that covered our whole career as a band - "Easter 78 - Halloween 80" - the dates of our first and last gigs. It also allowed us to put photos on the back that were taken on our last Halloween gig. At the end of the set it seemed like everyone got onstage. In the laft frame Philip is losing his balance at the stage's edge with Bill to his left and Joe to his right. In the middle frame our gogo dancer Ellen watches the chaos as our roadie Robert tries to exert some control from the front of the audience, and Robert from the Colors picks up the guitar. Joe is just to the left of Ellen on the mike and I'm just to the right of her in my vampire get-up. In the last frame friend/fans Arthur and Melissa help us dance the night away, and someone has Philip back onstage in a headlock. We released it after we were over, and I think it stands as the best studio representation of the Student Teachers sound as I remember it. Of course it's still different than our earlier, more organic sound and our more charismatic mature live sound, but that often happens in the studio.
Hopefully soon you'll be able to judge the difference for yourself.