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The Student Teachers


ORK Records was given a second chance by some investors in late 1978. Terry Ork re-released "Little Johnny Jewel" by Television, and started putting out singles by newer bands like the Idols, the Revelons and us. Jimmy Destri had already recorded a demo with us of "Christmas Weather" b/w "The Quake," which had been pressed as an acetate. I think 5 copies total were pressed, two of which went right into the jukeboxes at CBGB and Max's Kansas City. One of them found its way to Terry Ork, and he put us back in the studio to make this single. It captured our energy but the sound was definitely very influenced by the power pop production style he learned from Mike Chapman.

"Christmas Weather" b/w "Channel 13"
ORK Records 1979 - Produced by Jimmy Destri