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The Student Teachers


You can read why Marty Thau decided to pull together these five bands...or at least you can read about what he did before he pulled these five bands together!

According to what I read in article at the time, this album was originally supposed to have a cover painted by David Bowie, but it wasn't finished in time to meet the release schedule. I 've often wondered what the painting might have looked like, but over the years I've grown fond of the retro cut and paste cover rendered by album mate Peter Zaremba. Jimmy told me the painting was of a young man with big lips dancing on a radio. He thought it was of him. I imagined it might have been of me. Having never seen it I can't say for sure. Maybe one day I'll be able to track it down and tell you what it looks like myself!

At the time of its release we were very excited, but within a year we broke up. This album has become a true collectors item, capturing the era in the songs of the five bands included. It keeps showing up on eBay and in rock conventions as a desirable find. I'm amazed that so many copies are still in circulation.

The long-building appreciation has led to it being re-released by Sanctuary Records on CD. It's way overdue. It's a potent time capsule of what interesting bands were doing just as the scene was experiencing another crest of the wave. A recent review of the CD re-issue says:

"The Student Teachers are the pleasant surprise on 2 x 5. Although they only lasted 1978-1980 and their recorded output was meager (a single and an EP), they seem to have perfected their synth-pop sound. "Looks" is a lovelorn teenage ballad, while "What I Can't Feel" shows a different, poppier side of the band."

"2x5" featuring "What I Can't Feel" and "Looks"
Red Star Records 1980 - Produced by Jimmy Destri